Erbrick to host town hall meeting in Council Chambers tonight, May 8

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Cape Coral District Five City Council Member Rana Erbrick is scheduled to host a town hall meeting tonight at city hall.

The town hall meeting will take place inside council chambers.

Erbrick's meeting is the latest in a series of town hall meetings scheduled by council members held at city hall.

The idea of the revolving town hall meetings came from Erbrick, who says she was searching for ways council members could fill the gap due to the city council reducing its meeting schedule at the beginning of this year, "After talking to residents about the new meeting schedule there was some concern about it reducing their access to elected officials. After a few ideas, a few on the council thought the idea of a revolving town hall meeting on the week of the month we don’t have a regular meeting would fill that need."

Council Member Richard Leon kicked off the town hall meeting series last month when he held his meeting in council chambers. Roughly two dozen citizens attended the meeting, and the discussion focused mainly on the future of the former Golf Club property.

Council Member Jessica Cosden is scheduled to host her town hall meeting next month.

Erbrick says her expectations for tonight's meeting are to provide an opportunity for a more informal setting for citizens to share their thoughts and concerns, "These meetings give people the chance to have a one-on-one with their elected officials they don't have at a regular council meeting. There are no TV cameras or the pressure of being in the spotlight. It is just the chance for them to have a conversation and have their questions answered."

The town hall meeting will take place tonight beginning at 4:30pm inside council chambers at city hall, located at 1015 Cultural Park Blvd. Unlike regular city council meetings, the town hall meetings will not be televised or streamed via the city website.