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Share this has partnered with the Gulf Coast Humane Society to create a weekly feature highlighting a few of the many pets the organization currently has up for adoption, as well as tips for those who have pets.

Gulf Coast Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, no-kill, animal welfare organization.

Below is our "Pet Tip of the Week" and six pets (four dogs and two cats) along with the pictures and bios, that are waiting to go home to a loving new owner.

Be sure to check back each Friday for six pets eligible for adoption.

Pet Tip of the Week: 

Dog Supply Checklist

  • Premium-quality dog food and treats
  • Food dish
  • Water bowl
  • Toys, toys and more toys, including safe chew toys
  • Brush & comb for grooming, including flea comb
  • Collar with license and ID tag
  • Leash
  • Carrier (for smaller dogs)
  • Training crate
  • Dog bed or box with warm blanket or towel
  • Dog toothbrush

Tips provided by: ASPCA

Featured Pets



Willow is a GCHS staff and volunteer favorite. She walks super nice on her freedom harness and is a big fan of peanut butter. Willow will want to be the only dog so she can entertain her family with her gentle ways.

This pretty female American Bulldog mix is as pretty as her picture.  She came to GCHS as an abandoned dog from the Redlands so her history is unknown. She is great with people, but will probably have to be the only dog as she is picky about her dog companions. She is a smart girl and has gotten some obedience training while she has been with GCHS.  Her new family should easily be able to pick up on working with her as she knows sit, down, spin, leave-it, drop-it, stay and wait until released to eat from a food bowl.  



Nolen does also qualify to be fostered under GCHS's senior (dogs at 8 and over) program that allows someone to take one of the fur kids home and share their good companionship while the shelter still provides the food and, if needed, any medications or medical care. 

This program allows GCHS's senior dogs (and cats) to be in a loving home environment but allows the family to have some flexibility such as returning the dog to the shelter if your situation changes or if you just want to take a vacation and need a place to keep her safe while you are gone.



Cooper is a  gentle giant. He is a seven-year-old Great Pyrenees mix who has a calm personality. 






Kobe is a super talented athlete and an Olympic tennis ball catcher. Gold medalist. He is sweet and affectionate and wants to please so badly.






Ali is a lovable declawed Calico cat. 







Jordan is a bit nervous at the shelter and would prefer to be the only cat. Please be patient and let him warm up to you.