'The Caves' to bring high-end luxury man caves to Cape Coral

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It is a craze that has swept the nation over recent years.

Yearning for a place to call their own and not satisfied with the traditional garage, men began building "Man Caves" as a type of sanctuary to escape the reality of everyday life.

Man Caves can consist of everything from large screen TVs, bars, couches, video games, and anything imaginable to pass the time of day or evening.

Now, John Ringland, president of Ringland Development Corp is looking to capitalize on the craze while at the same time filling a need right here in Cape Coral.

Recently, Ringland announced plans to build a luxury garage condominium project in Southwest Cape Coral titled "The Caves."

Once complete, The Caves will feature ten high end units located on Skyline Boulevard just north of Cape Coral Parkway, that will be large enough for owners to park an RV, work on automobiles, and more, "The only thing you won't be able to do is live there or run a business from there. Everything else is fair game," says Ringland.

The Caves will be the first of its kind project in Cape Coral and was born as an idea interestingly enough not from one of Ringland's male friends but, rather his sister Katherine.

Like many RV owners in Cape Coral, Katherine was unable to store her RV near her Cape Coral residence due to code restrictions. Instead, she would have to travel 30 minutes one way to where her RV was stored to get the vehicle ready for travel. Katherine brought up to her brother that it would be nice to have some place to store the RV closer to home.

Thinking outside the box, Ringland created a concept combining a luxury two story unit large enough to store and work on an RV with the conveniences and features of a Man Cave, "She needed a place to put her coach, so I designed it specifically for her. It is a mix of Man Cave and luxury garage," says Ringland.

Once completed, the units will range from 44 feet to 52 feet in length, 21 to 22 feet in width, and 19 feet high at the lowest point, "They will be high enough where people can build a loft and have plenty of room for ceiling fans, car lifts, boats, and multiple automobile parking," explains Ringland.

So impressed with his creation, Katherine is now one of the owners of the project.

The cost for the units will range from $174,000 to $197,000 and will feature complete air conditioning, bathrooms, custom lighting, and 50 amp outlets, all designed to the highest energy efficiency standards, "They are intended to give someone a place to work on their cars or RVs, and be able to build a loft, add a bar, hang a TV, put in a refrigerator, and just create a place to call their own," says Ringland.

Ringland says since introducing the concept to the public, the response has been overwhelming. Interest in the project has reached far beyond the local level, "We were recently at the farmer's market, and we had one lady tell us she has one up north and was looking forward to The Caves being complete. There is nothing like it around here. It is going to fill a definite need."

Currently, in the permitting process, Ringland hopes to break ground on the project in the near future. With construction time estimated at five months, he hopes to have The Caves up and running later this year, "This is going to be a place you can put just about anything. A place for people to enjoy a break away from the routine of life and do things they actually enjoy. It is going to be fantastic."

For more information on The Caves, visit www.ringlanddevelopment.net/thecavesincapecoral or call (239) 980-4613.

Photos: Ringland Development Corp.