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Share this has partnered with the Gulf Coast Humane Society to create a weekly feature highlighting a few of the many pets the organization currently has up for adoption, as well as tips for those who have pets.

Gulf Coast Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, no-kill, animal welfare organization.

Below is our "Pet Tip of the Week" and seven pets (four dogs and three cats) along with the pictures and bios, that are waiting to go home to a loving new owner.

Be sure to check back each Friday for six pets eligible for adoption.

Pet Tip of the Week: 

Licensing and Identification

Follow your community’s licensing regulations. Be sure to attach the license to your dog’s collar. This, along with an ID tag and implanted microchip or tattoo, can help secure your dog’s return should she become lost.

Tips provided by: ASPCA

Featured Pets

Willi (Terrier mix)

Willi has a love for life, and wants to share it with a happy home. 






Linden (Hound mix)

Linden is two-years-old and loves to cuddle and play. 





Shiskabob (Hound mix)

Shiskabob is one-years-old and has a fun personality and curious. 





Murphy (Hound mix)

Murphy is a beautiful seven-year-old hound mix with gorgeous eyes and a loving personality. 




Sophie LeAnn (Shorthair)

Sophie LeAnn is ten-years-old and loves lazy afternoons and a lap to lay in. 





Princess is a six-year-old cat who is a cuddler.