Under the Roof: Smart home options are nearly endless

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Job number one for most of us is protecting our loved ones and the homes we live in.

Smart home technology keeps you informed and in control of your security system 24/7. Your door locks, shutters, and garage doors are controlled by state-of-the-art technologies, while real-time video applications keep a watchful eye teamed with your smartphone, alerting you anytime anywhere it detects any unusual activity.

Can all of us remember a time when you have just pulled out of our driveway, only wondering, asking ourselves did we lock all the doors? Turn off all the lights? Or how about the thermostat, did we adjust the temperature? Wouldn’t life be easier if you could just press a button on your smartphone or say the words “lock the house” and instantly you receive a message back, all secured.

There are few things in life worse than coming home to a flooded house. Insurance statistics verify water damage from broken pipes causes over $100 million in damages each year. Smart home technologies will alert you of any unusual usage. Warning you, in moments you may have a problem. If you determine there is an issue; you send a command from your smartphone shutting off the water. You and your smart home technology system have just saved yourself thousands of dollars and months of uncomfortable living. Check with your insurance company they may offer additional discounts for your system.

Imagine a life where anytime and anywhere you may be, somebody rings your doorbell, and your phone shows you a video of who’s at the door. You can talk back to them as if you are home. No one will ever again walk up to your door and you not have a video of who they are. Never again will a package be delivered and you not know about it. You can rest a little at ease knowing that if unfortunately, somebody does break into your home you will be alerted immediately, and you will have video records of their whole visit. Most criminals rather not be recorded, placing a yard sign advertising all unwanted visitors are under video surveillance usually works well as a deterrent.

With Smart home technology, you can create scenes. One scene maybe when it is dinner time, you say “Alexa, let’s have dinner,” the TV mutes, your favorite music comes on and the dining room lights dim to just the right light. There is almost no limit to the number of scenes you can create. Any habit or preference you might want can simply be programmed in. You will never again turn on a TV using your remote. You program a scene where any time you enter your living room between 5:00pm and 7:00pm your TV turns on to your favorite news program.

Voice recognition software along with Smart home technologies allow you to talk to your home, your appliances, and your entertainment system. You simply say the words and only your imagination and maybe your pocketbook limit the possibilities and conveniences you can control. Smart home systems not only make your life more comfortable they will save you money. They will limit the time appliances are on and not use. Your air conditioner will optimize the temperatures based on preferences you set; only cooling rooms that are in use. Light sensors recognize when someone enters or exits a room turning your lights on and off effortlessly.

Nothing we described is the technology of the future or over the top expensive. In fact, in some cases, the systems will pay for themselves in a short period of time, if not in dollars certainly in peace of mind. Most large home improvement stores sell basic systems for the do-it-yourselfer. But many of us will want a system with multiple features or prefer to have a professional install technology like this and appreciate a substantial company standing behind the work. The technology and options for these products grow every day but don’t we all agree we want to live our lives in a smart manner?

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- About the Author: Brian Rist is the President & CEO of The Smart Companies, of which Storm Smart is the largest subsidiary.

Brian is recognized as an industry expert in developing innovative hurricane protection products. He is licensed as a Certified General Contractor, Building Inspector, Aluminum Contractor, Mobile Home Installation Contractor, Lead Abatement Removal Contractor and as a Certified Hurricane Shelter Evaluator.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your home’s readiness for the upcoming hurricane season, contact Storm Smart for answers, tips, and recommendations.