Cape Coral Business Spotlight: Imperial Imports's picture
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This edition of Cape Coral Business Spotlight, features Cape Coral resident Joe Imperial, owner of Imperial Imports.

Below, Joe gives our readers a look at Imperial Imports, and what it has to offer shoppers of all ages, as well as his future plans for the business.



At A Glance

Imperial Imports
3935 SW 17th  Ave.
Cape Coral, FL 33914
(239) 963-4756

Time in business: February 2013


Can you describe your business?

Imperial Imports is an exporter/importer of consumer products, goods, and supplies.

We provide an online gift shop stocked with unique and high-quality goods that are delivered right to your door.


What makes Imperial Imports unique?

We offer both quality products and low prices. At Imperial Imports, we specialize in providing top notch customer service and treating our customers like family.

Imperial Imports also provides shopping when you want to shop twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.


How did you get into the business?

It was a family decision. Two years ago we decided as a family to invest in a wholesale distributing company, and Imperial Imports was born.


Greatest success

There are actually two. First, to own a warehouse for us was a major accomplishment. Second, has been the ability to control the inventory of our products. That has been key to our growth as a company.


Biggest challenge

Like many new businesses, our biggest challenge is getting the whole world to know who we are.

However, we have started to achieve this by attending many local networking events and participating in local advertising.


What are your future plans for Imperial Imports?

Our ultimate goal is to open retail stores and deliver our products around the world.