Cape Coral Business Spotlight: The Pickled Parrot Island Grill's picture
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At A Glance

The Pickled Parrot Island Grill
1025 Santa Barbara Blvd. #1
Cape Coral 
(239) 800-3303

Time in business: March 2015
Number of employees: 12


Jesse Zeimet had visited Cape Coral for a number of years, escaping the cold Minnesota winters by staying at a friend’s vacation home.

It wasn’t long before he fell in love with the area and purchased his own vacation home. With a five-year plan, Zeimet began the slow, gradual migration to our area. However, these quickened and the five-year plan turned into six months, and soon he found himself relocating from Minneapolis to Southwest Florida.

Today, Zeimet has been a Cape Coral resident for six years, and now begins a new chapter as a Cape Coral business owner with the opening of his restaurant, The Pickled Parrot.

We recently sat down with Zeimet to give him an opportunity to share with our readers, information about this new Cape Coral restaurant and his plans for the future.


Can you describe your business?

Simply put, The Pickled Parrot Island Grill is a comfortable neighborhood restaurant with exceptional food.

Set in an island theme, the Pickled Parrot offers food inspired by islands from around the world from America to Japan to the Polynesian Islands and everywhere in between.

We have a lot of foods from the “hot zones”, which includes peppers and chili as ingredients. We also offer a wide variety of foods such as lobsters, steaks, and hamburgers for those sensitive to spices.

Also, the Pickled Parrot is a place where you can feel comfortable coming in wearing shorts and flip flops order a high-quality full meal, or just hang out at the bar with family and friends.


What makes The Pickled Parrot Island Grill unique?

We have created more of a neighborhood approach than you find at most chain restaurants.

Our goal was not to create just another restaurant, but more of an experience. We want people to come in, not feel rushed like you would in many national style restaurants. We want our customers to sit down with their family and friends and enjoy the company while partaking in the highest quality food.


How did you get into the business?

I grew up around restaurants. My grandparents owned restaurants, and my parents were chefs.

In regards to the Pickled Parrot, having been in the restaurant industry previously, owning higher end establishments, I wanted to create something more casual, but maintain a higher end presentation. I wanted something that would be fun to get up and go to work every day in shorts and vans.

I have lived in Cape Coral for about six years. In fact, I live only about a mile from the restaurant. My goal was to create something right here in our neighborhood. There is something special about having a restaurant in the same neighborhood you call home. 


Biggest Success

My biggest success so far has been getting to know the neighborhood.

Just in the past few months I have learned a lot and slowly tailored things to a point that makes sense to everyone.

It has been fantastic how well we have been received. We already have a fiercely loyal group we call our customers.


Biggest Challenge 


Our location has been both a blessing and a hindrance. Not being on a main thoroughfare like Pine Island Road or Del Prado Boulevard has its challenges when getting people to know we are here. When they find it, the most common response we have heard is that it was well worth the search. But, without that heavy traffic location it has been a little slow going getting people to know we are here.


What are your future plans for the Pickled Parrot?

As I mentioned earlier, we already have a loyal customer base. Our goal moving forward is building that customer base and becoming a strong and productive member of the entire Cape Coral community.