Cape Coral Business Spotlight: 13 Stars Moving, Storage & Delivery's picture
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At A Glance

13 Stars Moving, Storage & Delivery
705 Pondella Rd. #B
Cape Coral, FL 
(239) 221-0066

Time in business: 4 months
Employees: 3


Cape Coral resident Kyle Sampson recently served four years of duty in the United States Marines.

Like many military veterans, Sampson came out of the service and into civilian life finding it a struggle to find not only a good paying job, but a rewarding career.

Like many other aspects of his life, Sampson, along with his fiancé Sara Prater, met the challenge head on and decided instead of toiling in a world of dead end jobs, they would open their own company, 13 Stars Moving.

Seeing firsthand how difficult it can be for veterans to find a good job, Sampson and Prater not only opened their own moving company, but used it as a vehicle to hire other veterans and provide a well-paying job with career opportunities.

In just four short months, the company has already hired four employees, all veterans, with plans to hire more.

We recently sat down with Sara to discuss the idea behind 13 Stars Moving, and their plans for the business moving into the future.


Can you describe your business?

13 Stars Moving, Storage & Delivery is a full-service moving, storage, and delivery company.

We pride ourselves in handling any size move across Southwest Florida no matter how small or large.

Also, our padded 36-foot box truck complete with an attic allows us to move such fragile items as pianos, grandfather clocks, and more safely.


What makes 13 Stars Moving, Storage & Delivery unique?

What makes 13 Stars Moving, Storage & Delivery different than other moving companies is the fact we are not only veteran owned, but veteran employed, as well.

We started this business with the goal of providing our country’s military veterans an opportunity to not just have a job, but an opportunity. Today, we can proudly say all of our employees are U.S. veterans, and we will continue hiring veterans to fill future openings within our company, making 13 Stars Moving a fully owned and operated by veterans company.


How did you get into the business?

Kyle served in the United States Marines for four years. During his time in the military, Kyle worked in transportation as a dispatcher. Upon his return to civilian life, Kyle began working for local moving companies. During that time, he saw opportunities to improve such things as quality of service, pricing, and more, and decided the only way to implement those ideas while hiring fellow veterans, was to open his own company.


What has been your biggest success?

We have had a few big moves over the past few months since opening, but, honestly, our biggest success has been the ability to hire our veterans and to give them a quality job. It was our goal from the beginning to hire veterans and provide them a good wage, and nothing has given us more satisfaction than being able to do that the last four months.


What has been your biggest challenge?

Like many local, small businesses, the biggest challenge we have faced and continue to face is getting our name out there and letting people know what we do and the reasons behind what we do.


What are your future plans for 13 Stars, Moving, Storage & Delivery?

Our business name has the phrase "13 Stars" because our long-term goal is to open 13 separate divisions.

Our plan is to create new divisions providing such services as landscaping, home inspections, electrical work, plumbing work, and more.

The plan is as we open each division bring in a veteran to run that division as their own business. There are so many skilled people coming out of the military. Unfortunately, many have a hard time finding a quality job. It is foolish not to use those skills to provide quality services. Our plan is to let those veterans use those skills to create a successful business they can call their own.