Cape Coral Business Spotlight: Anytime Zip Line, Inc.'s picture
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At A Glance

Anytime Zip Line, Inc.
Cape Coral 
(239) 338-8569


Time in business: 7 months


Scott Roberts is a recent resident of Cape Coral, and an even more recent Cape Coral business owner.

A disabled veteran, Roberts moved to Cape Coral in July 2014 to be close to the Veterans Hospital.

Like many who relocate to Florida, Roberts’ intentions was to enjoy the semi-retired life in Southwest Florida.

After only a few week, boredom took over, and Roberts began looking for creative things to do. He began to do a little DJ work, mostly at Club Fletcher’s. Seeking more, Roberts, always an extreme sports enthusiast, remembered hearing of the burgeoning mobile zip line business industry. Soon, after some research, he found himself on the ownership end of the first such business in Southwest Florida, opening Anytime Zip Line, Inc.

Opening in November 2014, Roberts is still getting acclimated to the new business, and recently sat down with us to explain to our readers what this unique business is all about.


Can you describe your business?

Anytime Zip Line brings the thrill of zip lining to your back yard, next corporate function, private parties, or public events, where you are looking to do something different and a little adventurous.

We are equipped with a two cable zip line that begins high atop our 35-foot tower and takes you from 140 to 300 feet high above the ground.

Everything is hydraulic, so you are assured a smooth decent. Made by Extreme Engineering, a leader in the zip lining industry, our equipment is the safest you can find. We have met all state certifications and inspections, as well as carry a $2 million liability insurance policy.

The best part is there is no need for certain requirements to set up the zip line on our customers’ part. Everything we have is all in one package. No need for trees or poles to tie to, we have everything you need in our convenient mobile set up. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Recently, Anytime Zip Line has begun providing businesses the opportunity to utilize our 35-foot tower to help promote their companies. Set up the tower at your business or local event and hang your company’s banner to create an attention-getting way to promote your business.


What makes Anytime Zip Line, Inc. unique?

Zip lines are unique businesses in itself.

And, while the popularity of such attractions have increased in recent years with colleges using them for recruiting, military branches utilizing zip lines for events, and other parts of the country seeing zip line businesses becoming more popular, Any Time Zip Line is currently the only company offering such an entertainment for private/public events in Southwest Florida.


How did you get into the business?

I was a general manager for a heavy construction auction company in the Midwest. A gentleman came to an event we were hosting and had all the blow-up attractions like bounce houses, and obstacle courses that you see at a lot of parties. We started talking, and he told me to check out the mobile zip line business. After moving to Cape Coral, I went online and the next thing you know I was talking to them via phone, and we met in Orlando, and I was driving the equipment home.


What has been your biggest success?

We are still very early in the business, but I have to say I have done four events so far, and they have all been successful.

If I had to say what my biggest success has been, it would be the joy of seeing the people that have never done this before and have a fear of heights. Seeing their faces after they get up there and do it is amazing.

You see business professional turn into child and run up to do it again. The smile on the faces and the people that say they are finally going to do it and they go down and come back for more is just a very satisfied feeling for me.


What has been your biggest challenge?

So far, our biggest challenge have been trying to find the right businesses that want to have the zip line at their functions. Another issue is room. While we are mobile, we still need a little over 100 feet to make it work. We are still trying to work those things out. The longer we are out there and the more we do, the more we learn, and can adjust accordingly.


What are your future plans for Anytime Zip Line, Inc.?

My goal in the future is to get connected with a lot of the entertainment community, as well as corporations, and resorts. The more it is out there, the more possibilities of sharing the excitement of zip lining to anyone that would love to try it.