Sullivan, Sawicki take Cape Coral Mayor primary

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Current Cape Coral Mayor John Sullivan and local business woman Marni Sawicki will move on to the general election in the race for Mayor.

7,731 votes were cast in the Mayoral primary with Sullivan receiving 2,849 (36.85%) votes and Sawicki receiving 1,727 (22.34%) votes.

Overall, the turnout for the primary elections was light with the Lee County of Supervisor of Elections reporting just under an 8% turnout of registered voters for the Cape Coral Mayor and District One Council seat, and Fort Myers’ Ward 3 City Council seat. That is down over 3% from the 2011 Cape Coral primary elections. Although disappointed in the low turnout, Sullivan was pleased with the results, “It feels good. I attribute this victory to my record as mayor and all the wonderful supporters and volunteers during the campaign.”

While Sullivan was feeling jubilant in victory, he also said the race is long from over, “This is only the first round. We have a long way to go.”

Sullivan says he will run on the accomplishments he feels he has made as mayor over the last four years in the general election as he has in the primary, “I will continue to run on my record. I think it speaks for itself and the job I have done since 2009.”

For Sawicki, she says the primary victory was a result of a grassroots effort that focused on getting input and involvement from all sides of Cape Coral life, “It has truly been about building the team. Many of the people who worked on my campaign have never been involved in local politics before. They became part of this campaign because they felt inspired.”

Now Sawicki will turn her attention toward the general election in November, “We will begin immediately putting together a new strategy for the general election. This is only the beginning for us.”

Sullivan and Sawicki will now join the candidates for city council districts one, four and six in the general election that takes place November 10.


Cape Coral Mayor Primary Results

John Sullivan- 2,849 votes- 36.85%

Marni Sawicki- 1,727 votes- 22.34%

A.J. Boyd- 1,451 votes- 18.77%

Dan Ashby- 919 votes- 11.89%

Vince Cummings- 633 votes- 8.19%

David Carr- 142 votes- 1.84%