Out&About in the Cape!: Rack ’Em, packed ’em in for Spring Break Bash

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Rack’Em Billiards made their debut on CapeCoral.com’s “Out&About” this week.

They debuted with a bang.

While most of us are thinking of ways to kick off Spring Break, Rack’Em Billiards owner, Andy Gray, has found a way to bring it to a screeching halt, in a good way, of course.

Andy, and his team, hosted eight bands on Friday night as a tribute to Spring Breakers and Cape Coral locals. “Third Society”, “Here’s To Nathen”, “Last Chance Casanova”, “3 Cents Short”, “Won’t Be Arsed”, “200 West” and “Cold Forty” came from all over the state to join local band “After The Fact”  in a punk rocking, head banging, reggae party enjoyed by all.

“After the Fact” Bass and Vocalist, Big E, shared their CD with me. I have to say, I was jamming’ in my Mazda shortly after. Track two on their “Super Scary Scenarios” CD, “Don’t tell my girlfriend”, had me hitting the rewind and singing along.

CapeCoral.com will be bringing more information and play dates for this incredible local band!

Cat, love it with a “C”, and her friend, Julie enjoyed the loud crowds and live music, while Lee Ann, Kym, “Buck”, Johnny and “Ben” were taking advantage of the dart boards and pool tables. I am taking a wild guess that Buck’s first name is not actually Buck, and his last name is not actually Neckid, and there is a decent chance that Ben’s name is not actually Ben. And his last name is not really Dover. It is still all the same to me!

My partner in crime Friday night, Christine Rawlings, helped capture terrific shots of Aaron, Susan, Kira, Captain DJ, Robert, Billy, George, Kim, Coley, “Third Society’s”, Chris and Curtis, and many, many more.
This week’s gallery is filled with captivating fun from entertainment to art, including a remarkable version of Marilyn Manson. Thank you Cat! Check it out in this week’s “Out&About” photo gallery.

See you all at Bike Night!


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