New Garbage Service Starts Friday

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Beginning Friday, October 1st Waste Pro begins their 10 year contract with the city and takes over as the new residential and commercial garbage contractor for Cape Coral. Waste Pro will utilize an automated system to pick up both garbage and recycled products.

The transition, which has been in motion for months, began with Waste Pro delivering the new garbage and recycle “carts” to homeowners across the Cape since the middle of August. With almost all of the carts delivered to homes Waste Pro will now begin concentrating on the delivery of carts to Cape Coral businesses, “As of this weekend, almost all of the residential containers have been delivered. We have started the transition of the commercial accounts and will continue through the end of October. A transition of this size takes a large amount of planning and coordinated effort between groups divided with responsibilities. The transition has been extremely smooth and we look forward to the start of business,” says Waste Pro Regional Vice President, Keith Banasiak.

With the arrival of the new automated program, residents and businesses will see some major changes in their weekly garbage and recycle pick-up. One of the major changes will be the utilization of the new, larger “carts” provided by Waste Pro. For household, garbage residents will now use a 96 gallon cart and for recycled products, residents are now going to use a 65 gallon cart. While some have expressed concern regarding the size of the new carts, Waste Pro assures their company is willing to work with residents who have legitimate reasons for being unable to get the carts to the curb for garbage and recycle pick-up.In some cases they will be willing to bring bring your container to the street and return it.

Below is a breakdown of some things to keep in mind when putting your garbage and recycled products out to the curb:

For Residential
• The tan wheeled cart is used for garbage only
• The green wheeled cart is used for recycling only
• Garbage pick-up days will remain the same
• The cart lid opening must be facing the street
• Carts must be out no later than 6:00am on the day of scheduled collection.
• Carts must be spaced three (3) feet apart to allow room for the automated arms to retrieve the carts.
• Items that cannot fit inside the cart (furniture, appliances, etc.) may be placed three feet from bins for collection.
• Cardboard must be cut to fit inside the recycling cart. Cardboard that cannot fit inside the cart can be placed beside the recycling cart and cannot be any larger than 4 feet x 4 feet.
• You no longer need to sort your recycling.

• If you do not have the new carts you can continue to use your old garbage cans until Waste Pro provides you with the new carts.

Also, due to the size of the new carts, the City Council has decided to relax the ordinance banning residents from putting garbage cans outside their homes. Residents can now place their carts along the side of their house. The City Council will be meeting September 13th to change the ordinance permanently.

As far as your old garbage cans and recycle bins, it is suggested that you can use your old garbage cans for your yard waste, which will still be picked up on the same day as your garbage and recycling. The County has decided against picking up the old recycling bins and residents can either keep them for storage bins or can dispose of them by placing them in your new recycling carts.

It is important to note that for residents whose garbage and recycling is picked up on Friday, you will need to use the new carts this week in order to have your garbage and recycling picked up.

One of the main reasons for this new change to your garbage and recycling pick up, is to try and keep garbage off local streets. The City is confident that with the new, larger carts, the need for placing loose garbage and garbage bags on curbs will be eliminated. In order to ensure this Waste Pro will take the first couple of weeks and monitor the progress of the new process and make changes accordingly. If after the first week or two you notice you do not have enough carts to place all of your garbage in, you are encouraged to contact Waste Pro and you will be provided additional carts. The City also forecasts the changing in the way your garbage and recycling is picked up will save residents about $1 per month and the city about $1 million.

If you have any questions or concerns you can call Waste Pro at (239) 945-0800 or visit their new desk at City Hall near the Parks & Recreation Department area.