New Cape Coral water park and spa goes to the dogs...literally

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Imagine Cape Coral getting a new health resort and spa with a water park. That became a reality over this past weekend, with one slight twist. It is all for dogs.

Pet Coral had its grand opening this past Saturday and people lined up to see what the new facility had to offer.

Designed to provide pets and their owners a true “all in one place” to take their pets, the 33,000 square foot facility offers; a veterinary hospital, boarding facilities, daycare facilities, grooming spa, professional trainer, and water park. Pet Coral leaves little out of the equation for complete pet care. What makes Pet Coral unique is the constant social interaction dogs have with each other, “With the water park and other facilities the dogs will always be interacting with other dogs,” says Pet Coral Marketing Director Carol Gonzalez. “Socialization is very important for recovery.”

The facility will provide a full service animal hospital. A hospital that even with all of the latest technology in animal care will get back to the basics of pet treatment, ““We want to provide simple, basic treatment that will improve pet’s quality of life. We can do a lot to improve the animal’s quality of life without going to extremes,” says Veterinarian and Co-Owner Boaz Rogan.

Rogan, who has been a veterinarian for over 20 years, says animal medicine has become highly specialized, much like human medicine, “For years, it was very simple, you had shots, de-worming. Now you have much more advanced treatment. This type of treatment reached its peak when the economy was strong. People would spend $8,000 to $15,000 on procedures for the pets.”
Rogan says once the economy started to decline specialized treatment became harder for owners to afford, “People started going in debt because they felt guilty if they did not get their pet the treatment they thought they needed. What many people do not know is there are other options to having expensive surgeries.”

Rogan says part of the alternatives to expensive surgeries and procedures are advancement in pain management, nutrition, socializing and distressing, “We offer all of those features at our facility.”

On top of the animal hospital, Pet Coral will offer pet boarding with 24 hour supervision starting at $26 a day. Living up to its name as a pet resort, luxury suites are also available. The suites include raised bedding, an in room television, and monitoring camera. Pet Coral also offers pets the full “spa” treatment with their grooming services that include a haircut, comb-out, bathing beauty wash, thorough ear cleaning, nail trim, hand and surround air drying.

See pictures of Pet Coral's facilities

Pet Coral will also provide a doggie day care, with full access to the water park, for those working dog owners who want to have their dog enjoy the company of other dogs during work hours.

The facility will also offer different levels of professional dog training.

Another part of Pet Coral’s business plan is to become entrenched in the community they now call home. Owners say they will soon be hosting such community events as fundraisers, birthday parties, and are even looking at hosting a “doggie dating time”.

Gonzalez says it is crucial to Pet Coral not just be a local business, but part of the community, which is why they opened up their facilities to all comers this past weekend for their grand opening. Hundreds filed through the gates for tours, browsing vendors, and letting their dogs play in the water park.

Among the hundreds who attended Saturday's grand opening, were Cape Coral residents and pet owner Shirley Castro, “This is very impressive. It is funny. I was talking a couple of weeks ago, and said this is something Cape Coral needed. Now it is here.”

Others took the time to venture around the facility. All who did were impressed with what they saw including Georgette Hutchison and Pat Johnston, who live just down the street from Pet Coral, “We came here out of curiosity to find out what all they have to offer. From what I have seen it is fantastic,” said Hutchison. “Everybody has dogs. This is something this community really needs,” added Johnston.

Pet Coral is now open for business at its new location at 924 Del Prado Boulevard S., just south of Viscaya Parkway. To learn more about Pet Coral, visit their website at, or call (239) 673-8453.