Cape Coral Hurricanes closer to filling opening day roster

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They were held at the Gateway Soccer Complex in Fort Myers, Florida. There were over 25 new and very talented players that registered for the event and everyone had a great weekend. There were various skills games coordinated, along with timed speed drills and two full, refereed games where the players can showcase their real game skills.

Many of the original players from the first tryout came as well but what was surprising was to find out how many not only came from out of the area, but out of the country to this second tryouts. "It was incredible seeing where these guys were coming from and the type of experience they had playing in other countries. The talent level was extremely high and it’s going to be a tough decision to narrow it down to our final 40 players", stated J.P. Terrasi, the team's General Manager. "We knew that more of the area’s men’s leagues were going to show up but never anticipated this.”

Examining the registrants showed that the tryout field was jam packed with players having experience in very high level teams and in various countries.

It was a busy weekend for the players and coaches but having the players showcase their skills was paramount. “We invited a few key players to come in and tryout with the team this time,” said Mick Whitewood, the team’s head coach, “but there were definitely a few surprises as well. We got a pretty good look at them and everyone seemed to have a great time too”. The players received a blue and white player jersey with the Hurricane logo and a number on the back, a black pair of shorts and a commemorative t-shirt that was sponsored by Terrasi Media. The players were also treated to Gatorade, bottled water and snacks throughout the weekend.

The coaching staff will eventually narrow the selection to 40 players, of those 26 will be named to the official starting roster and the remaining 14 players will be offered a spot on the reserve squad. “We know that at this level there are many changes throughout the season,” stated Terrasi, “with players moving on, going back to school and even getting hurt, so we are preparing for that contingency with the reserve squad.”

The team is trying to put together one last weekend of open tryouts in Naples during the next few weeks but with the talent that they’ve seen thus far, there is more than enough to field a very strong team.