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1616 Cape Coral Pkwy. W
Cape Coral, FL 33914
(239) 471-3560




About Achieva Credit Union

Credit Unions are cooperatives, owned and operated by the members we serve. At Achieva Credit Union, our board of directors is made up of Achieva members – all unpaid volunteers – who look out for the best interests of their fellow members. With no outside stockholders to pay, we can keep loan rates, savings rates and fees competitive.

Our History

  • Founded in 1937 with $99.25 and 7 charter members, membership was limited to teachers in Pinellas County
  • In 1939, the office was moved to St. Petersburg High School
  • In 1950, membership reached 200; assets totaled $9,600; and name was changed to "Pinellas County Teachers Credit Union"
  • In 1955, membership reached 1,000; and assets totaled $250,000
  • In 1958, assets reached $1 million and the first interest refund was paid to borrowers
  • In 1959, the credit union office moved to the
  • Tomlinson Adult Education Center, and had a staff of
  • 5 full time and 1 part-time employee
  • In 1968, withdrawals were made available by telephone
  • In 1972, the Clearwater branch was opened
  • In 1975, there were 16,200 members, and assets reached $27,659,000
  • In 1981, the mid-county branch was opened in Largo, membership was at 27,538, and assets were nearly $55,000,000
  • In 1984, the new main office building was opened in Largo
  • In 1985, the credit union was granted a community charter to include anyone who lived or worked in Pinellas County
  • In 1986, assets rose to over $125,000,000 and membership reached nearly 39,000
  • In 1988, Wendell Brooks became President/CEO
  • In 1993, the Palm Harbor branch, an automated, teller-less branch opened
  • In 1997, assets were $202,632,000 and Plaza 66 (teller-less branch) opened
  • In 1999, the Palm Harbor Branch became a full-service branch and moved to its current location on US 19
  • In 2001, assets jumped to $364,869,000; the Walmart branch (automated, in-store branch) opened in Pinellas Park - the first of its kind for any Pinellas County credit union
  • In 2003, we launched a joint venture with Northeast High School, opening the on-campus Viking Branch, the first of its kind in the Pinellas County area, and also expanded to include Pasco and Hernando counties
  • In 2004, we announced our name change from "Pinellas County Teachers Credit Union" to "Achieva Credit Union"
  • In 2006, assets reached $500,000,000; we opened our East Lake branch and our first free-standing branch in more than 20 years on Park Boulevard
  • In 2007, Wendell Brooks, President/CEO, retired
  • In 2008, Gary Regoli became President/CEO, assets reached $595,000,000, membership was approximately 66,000, and we opened new full-service branch in Pasco county
  • November 1, 2009; Achieva merged with Sarasota Coastal Credit Union
  • In 2010, we opened a new full-service branch in Dunedin
  • In 2012, we expanded our membership to include Lee and Collier counties


Major Milestones:

  • Founded in 1937 with 7 charter members
  • In 1950 named Pinellas County Teachers Credit Union
  • Became Community Chartered in 1985, serving Pinellas County
  • Expanded to Pasco County and Hernando Counties in 2003
  • Changed name to Achieva Credit Union in 2004, to better serve our members
  • Merged with Sarasota Coastal Credit Union in 2009, expanding membership to over 150 coastal miles and 7 Florida counties, and gaining 5 more branch locations

Hours of Operation

Monday: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Tuesday: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Wednesday: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Thursday: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday: Closed