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Under the Roof: It's the height of season, are your prepared?

August has historically been the height of hurricane activity in Florida.

Will this be the year Southwest Florida’s luck runs out? The Pacific Coast of the United States has seen several significant hurricanes already. Fortunately, most of these storms have headed out to sea and not affected the main lands.


Under the Roof: A secure home, is a safe home

As a homeowner in today’s world, we sadly have to worry about the security of our homes and families.

Unfortunately, crime and home break-ins are increasing in frequency and severity almost on a yearly basis.

There are a few basic things you, as a homeowner, can do to decrease the likelihood that you will fall victim to one of these crimes. Most of these ideas are simply common sense, but it’s good to talk about them once in a while.


Under the Roof: Practice makes perfect

We are now in the middle of summer; hurricane season is in full stride, are you ready?

In this article, let’s walk through a practice drill, assume a storm was approaching. What will you do, will you be ready? Today, we will concentrate on the outside of your home and how to be sure that you will not become your own worst enemy.

Let’s start by taking a walk around the outside of your house evaluating just how prepared you are.


Under the Roof: Three basic rules to protect your home

For most of us, our homes are our largest asset.

They not only provide a sanctuary for our families and our most precious possessions, but they are also often our largest investment.

Today Florida law and homeowners insurance almost mandate we take steps to mitigate the potential damage of a hurricane. The good thing is today’s technology offers many options on how to accomplish this.

Over the next few articles, we will talk about the pros and cons of all the different options.

This week we begin by talking about a few basic rules we all should follow.


Under the Roof: 2016 Hurricane Season starts with a warning

As we enter the 2016 hurricane season, we start with a storm in the first week.

Does this indicate a very active season, a year when our luck finally runs out? Only time will answer this question, but we do know we need to be prepared.

The time for procrastination is over; you must have a plan in place. Let’s again review some of the critical pieces.



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