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Under the Roof: Smart Homes, the future is now

Remember back to the Jetsons, the classic Saturday morning cartoon, we watched as kids, about the family of the future, living in a time when your home is full of automation, technology only dreamt of at that point, providing a life with comfort only a thought or a voice command away.


Under the Roof: What did we learn?

Our country is once again recovering from a natural disaster. Hurricane Matthew was at one moment only a tropical depression, then morphed in just 36 short hours to a major category four monster.

For residents of almost 2/3 of Florida’s east coast, Georgia’s coastal areas, and the shores of North and South Carolina this monster brought its entire mighty wrath. High tides and swollen rivers impacted millions of lives. What happened in a matter of a few days will require months, if not longer to get back to normal.


Under the Roof: How smart is your home?

For many of us, it is routine to enter your driveway, press a button, your garage door opens and the light in your garage comes on. 

How about a world when you enter your driveway, the garage door opens, the light comes on but this time the doors unlock, the interior lights illuminate, the stereo is playing your favorite song, the air conditioner begins to lower the room temperature, your ceiling fans engage, and the spa in your backyard starts to heat up.


Under the Roof: Improving water quality must remain a priority

I believe the only way to really solve problems is through education. Bringing leaders & experts together to identify the problem educate all of us and then work towards developing a plan, and then most importantly taking action to begin solving whatever obstacles we have in our way. 


Under the Roof: Are you prepared?

As we approach the end of the summer, we also approach the height of hurricane season.

This week there is no less than three tropical disturbances in the Atlantic. One of which is affecting our weather this week. Are you prepared? Suppose you are not, and the storm in the Gulf turns our way, what will you do?


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