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Straight From The Mayor: Doing business in Cape Coral is getting easier

Economic development is an extremely important to our residents for several reasons. One of which is that commercial taxes can be an important part of the revenue stream going into the city. This stream relieves the tax burden on the residents.


Straight From The Mayor: Park project shows the positive of working together

Wednesday morning I attended the dedication of Founder's Park , it is the 39th and newest park here in the city.

Founders Park is located on one of our many canals right on SE 46th Street in South Cape Coral.


Straight From The Mayor: No new taxes

It looks like we are back to the busiest time of the year for the city council. Of course, that would be the period of time where we work on the annual budget.

There are a great many facts and figures involved when one analyzes what is happening department by department. Many questions are raised as to how much we are spending in relation to previous years.


Straight From The Mayor: Tropical Storm Isaac served as a reminder for Cape Coral

I would like to congratulate Chief Van Helden, our city staff, and county officials for the way they handled what eventually became Hurricane Isaac.

Everything was done in a very professional manner and highly organized. I personally went and spent a couple of hours at the City's Emergency Operations Center, and everyone there seemed to be in complete control. If that was a sample of our emergency responders, and what they are capable of doing, I feel the residents of Cape Coral should understand we are in very good hands.


Straight From The Mayor: Looking at both sides of the proposed RV resort park

A new venture has been brought forward to the city of Cape Coral.

This new venture is an RV resort park located in the north area of the city.

This RV resort will encompass almost 200 acres and be home to high end RVers from around the country. It is a very interesting concept, and I hope it is viable.


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