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Straight from the Mayor: Street Light Districts, end of LCEC contract


A proposed creation of a streetlight district and the upcoming end of the 30 year contract between the City of Cape Coral and Lee County Electrict Cooperative have created an interesting amount of buzz among Cape Coral citizens.

In this month's Straight from the Mayor, Cape Coral Mayor Marni Sawicki shares her thoughts and views on these two subjects.


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Straight from the Mayor: Delving into the issue of city employee pay parity

There seems to be two predominant pay parity issues currently facing the city when it comes to city staff.

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Straight from the Mayor: Transforming the downtown area into a destination


Recently, Cape Coral Mayor Marni Sawicki attended the Mayors’ Institute on City Design for 58th National Session in San Antonio, Texas.


Straight From The Mayor: The next chapter in the Ceitus Barrier battle

Last week, council returned from our winter break with a full agenda.

An issue that we tackled is one that has been an issue for some time now. That issue being our dealings with the county regarding the Ceitus Barrier.

It seems we may be headed toward arbitration in regards to whether or not the Ceitus Barrier needs to be replaced in the North Spreader Canal system.


Straight From The Mayor: What's ahead for 2013?

As I write my final column for 2012, one has to feel or think where did the year go?

The economy in the city of Cape Coral is beginning to look a little brighter than what it was last year. We are seeing more permits for construction than we have in some time. Hopefully, the real estate market and local economy has bottomed out, and we are beginning to climb our way back. It is always good to end the year on a high note.


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